about Dr Van Keudejap, inventor supreme

For almost a hundreth of a century, people all over the planet have wondered ”But really, who is Dr Van Keudejap?? Is he real? Or is this all but a cruel hoax designed to lull us into a false sense of pride in human nature?”
Truth is: we are not sure yet. As several scientific advances need to be realized before we can assert the true impact Dr Van Keudejap made on our relatively semi-simiesque humanity, many repenting needs to be done if we still want to enter the kingdom of heavens. Dr Van Keudejap is but one example amongst billions of millions of troubled souls looking for a point.
We at the Troglodyte Mignon headquarters hope the few fragments we continually recover from our strange friend’s shady past might enlighten your current philosophical preoccupations, all thanks to our very unstable ancestor’s audacious scientific research. All hail the good doctor.


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